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Time:10:00 am
Current Mood:stressedoverwhelmed
i need a break
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Current Music:Cool Runnings
Time:06:58 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
I had better get comments because this has taken me 3 months to do! hahaCollapse )
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Current Music:antm
Time:06:15 pm
Current Mood:pessimisticoverwhelmed
I realized on Sunday that I dont let things out at the appropriate time. So when things like breaking my best friends car happen, i start sobbing because of everything else in my life. I just want to crawl in a little cave with a blanket and a snuggly pillow and hide. Or i want to find a big remote to life and just hit the pause button. Just for a little while to start getting my life back on track. I want to just hit the pause button just til things start making more sense. I feel like im just emotionally unable to do like a freaking thing right now. ugh. im just the most overwhelmed i think ive ever been.
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Time:06:05 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable

have you ever felt like your entire life is horribly spinning out of control and it just keeps dragging you along kicking and screaming, while you try desperately to keep up but only end up falling behind again, and end up worse then you were to begin with?

....thats how ive felt since Christmas.

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Time:07:42 am
Yay all-nighters
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Subject:procrastination is the only way i survive in life
Time:10:31 pm
01. If you were given the opportunity to have bigger boobs for a day, would you go for it?
no. I like my boobs. They're the only part of me i love. They're perfect

02. What was the last book you read?
I'm in the middle of "A Side of Happiness" and i just read "The Devil Wears Prada." I hated it.

03. What do you call your mum?

04. Do you ever get rude comments on your xanga or myspace?
more gross skeevy ones

05. Have you ever been seriously scared you were going to die?

06. What season were you born in?

07. Do you like to be in the water?
Yes. I would love to go swimming right now.

08. What kind of stuff do you dream about?
The craziest things everrrr, trust me.

09. Have you ever dreamt you were naked in public?

010. When was the last time you felt really embarrassed?
Hmm....i dunno...today?

011. What do you think about hair extensions?
Gross, fake hair freaks me out.

012. Do you think Lindsay Lohan is a bitch?
I don’t know, I’ve never met her, but thats my impression

013. Do you think the Waynes brothers are hilarious?
Meh, not really.

014. Can either of your parents play an instrument?
my daddy plays the drums and my mom taught me piano

015. Do you have a little brother?
no. I have a hell-bitch for a sister tho

016. Do you know any twins or triplets?
yea, i know a few.

017. What is your favourite boys name?
Mark or Shawn (but not spelled the gay SEAN way. I HATE seans!!)

018. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be and why?
Ireland or Paris

019. Did you know that a Finnish heavy metal band called Lordi won the Eurovision song contest?
No. good for them I suppose.

020. Have you even heard of the Eurovision song contest?

021. Do you like fairytales?

022. What colour is the sky right now?

023. Are your fingernails painted or natural?
Chipped red nail polish.

024. Do you cut your toenails?
When they need it.

025. Do you ever get smelly feet?
If I’ve been wearing shoes all day

026. Do you think Borders is a great bookstore?
YES. Borders has everything I adore in one place.

027. If money was no object would you ever get plastic surgery?
mmmm probably when i got old and had all my babies

028. What do you think about permanent make up?
The most stupid thing one can do to oneself.

029. Would you ever get a tattoo?
i would love it now, but forever is a long time.

030. Do you think nose piercings look hot?
On some.

031. Do you think it is wrong to smoke around pregnant women and babies?
Yeah, that would make you an butthole.

032. Would you ever like to visit Ireland?
YES! I DESPERATELY want to go back!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!.

033. When does summer begin for you?
when school is over

034. Are you a movie buff?
Eh, not really. I know things about the movies I like, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

035. Do you think that bands like Panic at the disco suck?
Yeah. I think many bands suck.

036. Dont you just hate ignorance?
i guess

037. Would you rather be able to rap or sing opera/classically? neither - country music star baby!!

038. If you could be transported to 1940s England or 1790s France, what would you choose?
Tough. I’m going to have to say 1940’s, only because I don’t think I would be able to deal with the lack of sanitation the 1790’s offered.

039. Have you ever watched Dr Who?
I have not.

040. Have you ever seen a ghost?

041. Do you find the idea of space scary?
YES. If you seriously think about it – how gigantic the universe is – it blows your mind.

042. Do you honestly believe that God created the world in seven days?
I’m a Big Bang girl, BUT I think God caused the big bang to happen and that he caused the whole effect of it

043. Can you believe that some sick bastards could bring themselves to eat horses?
So are people that eat cows and chicken and deer and fish and pigs sick bastards too? This question is stupid. I hate animal freaks, its food. eat it. Some cultures eat guinea pigs too, so what? let people do whatever they want. hell, im craving a guinea pig right now.

044. Do you live in the middle of nowhere?
no, but DE isnt exactly somewhere either

045. What have you eaten today?
mashed potatoes

046. Do you watch Family Guy?

047. Is it warm outside?
No and i hate it

048. Do you find puppies, although cute, a little too excitable?
I hate puppies. Dogs terrify me

049. When was the last time you saw your grandparents?
I saw my grandparents like 2 days ago

050. Could this survey have been more random?
Most definitely. I’m a bit disappointed in its lack of randomness.
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Time:05:21 pm
I'm sick. The End.
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Time:12:47 pm
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I'm at work, and im such an awesome employee that im on lj. no...really i just have nothing else to do. today was my first day at work without dani here coaching me through crap. it was scary. i almost cried...not really, but kinda. the ladies in my office are playing dominos and its awesome and hillarious and adorable.hehe

i had a blast last night!!! dani and i ate too much food while watching wedding crashers and it was awesome...it also was jay's 22nd bday so we all (meaning me, bry, jay, cloud, patrick(aka stairwell), cory, max(#2) and davethetool went to deer park to drink. I saw vinnie cochran!!! Eeee!! (he's the guy i went to hs with who i told to be an abercrombie model and then he was one thanks to my advice) we hugged and chatted and it was awesome. I attacked stairwell outside deerpark and fell...and everyone laughed at me. and some whore tried to steal my free pink shirt i got, and i chased her down and got it back. they boys went to a party but i didnt wanna go, so i walked to matt's place by myself, and made friends along the way and they took me through some crazy path through the woods...that too was scary. twas an adventure hehe

i have an ireland meeting tonight and im excited. eee!

anywho, back to work..peace
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Current Music:CMT
Subject:Really Irish Dave
Time:10:05 am
Current Mood:nerdydavenessy
That olympic winner guy shaun white freaks me out because he looks like a really Irish Dave

Fake Dave
Image hosting by Photobucket

Real Dave
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Time:07:34 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
This week has been...interesting to say the least, it started out pretty crappy...but really ended up becoming pretty amazing towards the end.

some of the awesomeness:

*SAE racing cars
*mustang and SAE car burnouts
*Matt being awesome
*fire extinguishers
*new bathing suits
*SAE racing suits
*driving stick
*Ritas ..mmmm

anywho...i gtg back to school. peace out
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